Friday, April 17, 2009

The BIG answer arrived today!

This is one of my favorite blogs. And today, Emily is asking that we join her in finding the special moments of your day out of the nothings. And honestly? That's what this blog has been all about. So I'd love to share our special news that makes me smile ever so big!

I went and picked up the mail today, thinking today would be like any other day. Maybe a few bills, perhaps even a cheque, and your typical handful of junkmail. I was wrong.

A BIG announcement arrived today.

Click on the picture below to see Cody's reaction on You Tube!

My 9 yr boy is going to be flown into another province (without ME) and spend 9 glorious days at the Tim Horton's Camp!

We've been waiting for the approval for awhile since we were invited to register for the camp in Jaunary. (you can read about when we first found out right HERE.

I have mixed emotions to work through, but the one that stands out the most is, this is what CODY wants and he gets to go!!!!!!

I have lots of reading to do and an orientation to go to soon to find out who what when where why and how.

All that matters right now is, I can't wait till Cody gets home to show him the letter!!! My baby is growing up.

And looks like mom has to as well this summer... sigh...


Proud Grandparents said...

Hooray for you Cody !
Camp can be the opportunity to meet new friends and try new things and discover more of who you are without mom there. Choose friends carefully and you'll do well in everything.
Looking forward to hearing of your tales.

emily said...

So fun! What a great thing for him and the whole family to celebrate. Glad you had a place to share the news!

Crissie said...

Oh how FUN and how brave of you!! I'm sure your son will have an amazing time!!!