Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cody's amazing upcoming adventure!

I've enrolled Cody into Big Brothers, an organization that offers volunteer mentors for your child. He's currently on a 2 year waiting list and is pretty excited at the prospect of hanging out with a cool guy. Here's hoping the right match comes along for Cody in the future!

BB is quite an amazing program. Cody doesn't have a Big yet, however BB offers many opportunities to join in with so he has a chance to grow his circle of friends and acquaintances. For example, January holds free ice skating. Feb it's bowling, March it's movie night!

Cody qualifies to join BB due to the fact that he's part of a single parent household. Not every child has the wonderful opportunity to be in touch with BB, so Cody is one very fortunate kiddo!

Another round of luck seeked us out. BB Chilliwack had only 3 places for 3 fortunate kids to join the Tim Horton's Camp, and BB contacted me and asked if I'd like Cody to go! The closest THC is located in Alberta, which is a whole province away from us. Wow and yikes all in one sentence. Just look at this place.

The THC camp is situated on some beautiful mountain acreage by the looks of it. And basically put, it's a 5 star facility to give a child that couldn't otherwise afford to go, the camping experience of a lifetime.

Among the pictures on the above website link, are river rafting, mountain climbing and horseback riding along mountain trails. Not your typical everyday type things to do on a sunny afternoon in Yarrow. Wooowwww.

I was hesitant in asking Cody if he was interested at first. He's never been to an overnight camp before and didn't want to try any camp out last year when I suggested it, so I just left it at that. But when I broke the news to him that he had an opportunity to try the TIM HORTON'S camp, and fly in an airplane no less to get there, WITHOUT mom in tow, (not to mention this camp was during school.. heh boy do I know my boy or what!) he was totally up for it!
His first question, "Do they have Tim Horton's coffee there?" LOL

Since being asked if he wanted to go, he's been asking all kinds of questions. "Will I sleep in a cabin like this?" and draws a lovely wood sided cabin complete with it's own smoking chimney. The online brochure says overnight campsites with many fire pits. Not sure what that entails but by the looks of the rest of the facility, it's my bet it will definitely meet minimum (if not maximum) requirements! I'll be picking up an info brochure from BB this week so I'll know even more.

Kids that qualify (yes, there's that part) will be flown to Alberta to take place for 9 amazing days of adventure and new found independence! There is no financial cost to us for this. At all.

This is a pretty big opportunity for Cody. But I'm like any mom that has to cut a few new strings from their child. This is Cody's not only first overnight camping opportunity, but his first LONG adventure with no parent contact. This is huge, for him, as well as I.

I'll be actively seeking all the info I require for myself to ensure his surroundings are suitable in my rather protective eyes, but that's my mom qualification kicking in. Do I want this for him?!? Oh yes!!!! I'm thinking this will be the foundation in which it sets future overnight camping opportunities to present themselves in a good exciting way. Cody needs and deserves this one!

What sound minded parent wouldn't want the world for their child? At times I wish I could do more for Cody. No parent, even with two in tact, can generally 'provide it all' for their kids, I know that. What we have and do, we're doing OK! I know that too. But when something like this presents itself, it's wise to look at it with both eyes wide open and an open mind.

I'm hesitant to let Cody fly out of province without me, sure. But his enthusiasm is guiding me to what he's ready for. That is key is my eyes. The mommy panic fades when I see his enthusiasm. We after all are teaching our kids independence. I'd rank this one pretty high up there with that goal! He wouldn't be alone, he'd be with camp councillors and plenty of kids going to camp!

So, I'll be hoping, wishing and praying this will happen for Cody. (feel free to join me on that one!) June 2009 for 9 days is what is presented. However committment day is now in order to enroll, hence the news brought to you at this time. A seminar in Abbotsford is being held in March so you can learn more about the experience. I like the fact that there's criteria to be met. That keeps my boy safer!

I'm just feeling very grateful towards Tim Horton's and Big Brothers right now. When the Camp Day fundraiser at Timmie's comes up, I'll be first in line to purchase that beloved coffee, and to support a child for this amazing camping experience. I hope you will too! Because now YOU know of a particular child that has been granted a turn!

Cool huh?


Anonymous said...


What an absolutely amazing gift for Cody and yourself! One he'll surely never forget! My prayers are with you guys for Cody to have a safe and wonderful adventure :D

~ Kari

Melanie said...

Fantastic opportunity! That's very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Donna it's me your seester.
Cody will have loads of fun. Glad to be donating to this every time I buy a coffee. Be brave girl Love you

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