Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cheezies, I have to break up with you.

Progress report - week one

Dear Cheezies, I've loved you for such a very long time. But I'm afraid we must part ways.

While your crazy colour lures me in something fierce, and your salty/crunchy texture perfection for a computer side snack, I have to let you go. For now.

You see, I started to put down the junk food for the time being and focus on better healthy eating habits. I fail daily, but in much smaller increments than I allowed before. I enjoy a taste here and there, but no longer will sit with a full bag by my side and mindlessly crunch.

I bought you 2 days ago. And went crazy. And nearly doubled over the next day. Oh. My. CHEESE!

It's not the Cheezie's fault. Not one bit. I'm certain a mild snack attack on occasion will not hurt the masses. But my indulging was nightly. It didn't have to be alot, but the problem was, it was consistent.

This new diet thang I'm attempting (not following a plan persay, but just grabs of ideas from various sources) states I really shouldn't snack. But I'm not good with that. I don't like stuffing myself stupid with big dinners to hopefully tide me over till the early AM. I don't like to 'feel' hungry. So I just eat regular portions, then allow for a small handful of nuts or ? for a snack. I don't want to run on empty only leaving me to further indulge and crave.

In are:
LOTS of raw fresh veggies (low to no frozen, canned, cooked)
lean healthy proteins (raw nuts, chicken, lean beef on occasion)
extremely low bread type good carbs
easy on the fruit to start (high in sugar)
water as first beverage of choice (I lied. It's still coffee.)
coffee on occasion (I lied. It's still coffee.)
walks (we walk everywhere every chance we get)
upping the sleep (ie: off the computer earlier!)

Gone are:

white carbs
junk food
stomach acid fixes (pills, liquids and such)

I'm young into this healthier lifestyle so I have a long way to go. But after approx a week, I'm inspired because I FEEL better. I really really do.

What took me so long? I ask myself. I already know the answer.

You have to WANT this. You have to really really feel and want this bad. Because turning down amazingly fun food is so difficult when it's a habit.

I've done this all before and lost 25 lb.  And I remember it well. I vividly remember gagging on a donut after a looong realm of not touching one. I remember a Tim Horton's ice cap being too sweet and wishing I had stuck to my fresh cold water instead. And that's all starting to come back to me again.

The trick? Get through the withdrawal of the bad, and you're on your way. Give it at least a week of a really focused "get it outa my sight!" kinda thinking. After 1 week, you'll start feeling better and be encouraged.

I'm starting a new label. I'm calling it diet talk. I'm going to keep reporting back in here to share what's working/not working. Maybe, just maybe, it may help another who's not feeling up to par for whatever reason.

At the very least, it can't be a bad thing to feel good! Right?

What's worked for you, diet wise?