Sunday, May 9, 2010

We had a good Mother's Day

I think I must have the best blog friends ever.

A few of you have been emailing privately, messaging on Facebook, and commenting on my blog, letting me know you're thinking of me. I truly appreciate your kindness!

My son and I in fact did have a lovely day, all things considering.

First, I slept in. After all that moving yesterday, the extra rest was totally needed. Upon waking, my son dashed to his room where he had hidden my present. He revealed a sweet little button bracelet he made in school! And I haven't taken it off since. :)

Once up and around, we head out for the vanilla coffee/slushie thing. And head down this trail to...

... my favorite little hideaway beside the river. It was sooo pretty! The sun was shining, the coffee hot, and my son and I laughed at the dog while she did her usual dog things. It felt good to laugh. And my son's giggle... it's infectious and makes you giggle as well even if you don't think something is funny. :)

Once getting home, I sauntered into the bedroom and flopped down yet again. But only for a moment. My mind was racing on all the things I'd rather be doing than nurse a tired body. So, I went for my paintbrush and started painting. :) (project to come on Funky Junk)

My son whipped us up some spaghetti while I continued my painting. Such a treat to have him helping in the kitchen! We took our dinner outside to enjoy the beautiful mountain view behind the house.

And then went for a swim.

Kidding! This pic was taken last summer but it shows the view. The good 'ol smurf pool will be put up again all in due time.

Aside from a few I-miss-her moments, it was evident that we were being thought of in more ways than one. Neighbors stopped by to say hello, one giving me some sweet flower plants and another a card and chocolates. And then there's always the good natured razzing I throw back at my fun neighbour across the road. He teases me about my free junk invaluable finds and I tease him about being jealous. :) I guess I should have mentioned, my apparatus I was painting on nearly took the entire width of my driveway...

We don't need alot of rah rah to make our days a success. The company of my son, lifting up a paintbrush, and simple things like coffee and river views are quite enough to fill my soul with all the right stuff.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. I know they helped to make our day a pretty good one. :)


Anita said...

I just discovered this other blog of yours! So glad you had a relaxing mothers day. You live in such a beautiful area.
We drove to see my mom and have mothers day with her. My father passed away this year and I felt the need to be with her even though we were only able to spend the night. Fathers day will be an odd day I'm sure. But I will probably spend it on the water, that is where I find calm :)

Cindy said...

With that view..your heart will surely be calmed! Oh my goodness..I would pay a fortune to see that view everyday.To see all God's gorgeous handiwork. We have pretty stuff around us..but not like that..That just calls you to it for healing.I am glad to have your personel blog..I have been thinking about you!

Have a blessed day ..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

BECKY said...

Praying for you gal, as you walk down this new path. I am quite familiar with it myself. Even 6 years later I still have private conversations with my Mom occasionally, and delight in the very thought of a hug from her loving arms. Mother's day are not sad, but a celebration of the most amazing woman I have ever known. I read a scripture yesterday that really blessed me as I lost both my parents within a few months in 2004, and came to the sudden realization that the six of us adult kids were now orphans. It is John 14:18 And He assures us he will not leave us orphans, and that He will come to us.

He has certainly carried the weight of my loss for me, and has strengthened me from the inside out. My prayer is that He does the same for you.

My His richest blessing be yours, and may He fill your heart with peace and comfort.


Canadian Cottage said...

Hi Donna,
I just found your other blog, I'm really glad to hear your mother's day went pretty well. Having just experienced a loss myself it was a little hard, but mostly good as well. How sweet that your son made you a little bracelet, I wouldn't take it off either! Have a good week,

Diane said...

Loved your story of the estate sale...sounds like it came to fruition in the spirt of love, and so it was a success for your family.Your Mom would no doubt be so proud you could all come together in that way.I would be, would you?

My Mom died just the day before Mother's Day in 2008. So it is a very bittersweet day for me, too. Know there is a great sisterhood of mothers that share and understand your loss, and I am sure the Lord hears the pain in our yearning hearts and helps us heal.

Kolein said...

Yes, sounds perfect. And excuse me but that view...I want to move for a view...please!

Love that your little guy made dinner! You are such a great mom, Donna!!!

radio controlled helicopter said...

Sounds are perfect. I just found your other blog, I am really glad to hear your mother's day went pretty well. Having just experienced a loss myself it was a little hard, but mostly good as well. Your son 's creation is marvelous.

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