Sunday, May 9, 2010

We had a good Mother's Day

I think I must have the best blog friends ever.

A few of you have been emailing privately, messaging on Facebook, and commenting on my blog, letting me know you're thinking of me. I truly appreciate your kindness!

My son and I in fact did have a lovely day, all things considering.

First, I slept in. After all that moving yesterday, the extra rest was totally needed. Upon waking, my son dashed to his room where he had hidden my present. He revealed a sweet little button bracelet he made in school! And I haven't taken it off since. :)

Once up and around, we head out for the vanilla coffee/slushie thing. And head down this trail to...

... my favorite little hideaway beside the river. It was sooo pretty! The sun was shining, the coffee hot, and my son and I laughed at the dog while she did her usual dog things. It felt good to laugh. And my son's giggle... it's infectious and makes you giggle as well even if you don't think something is funny. :)

Once getting home, I sauntered into the bedroom and flopped down yet again. But only for a moment. My mind was racing on all the things I'd rather be doing than nurse a tired body. So, I went for my paintbrush and started painting. :) (project to come on Funky Junk)

My son whipped us up some spaghetti while I continued my painting. Such a treat to have him helping in the kitchen! We took our dinner outside to enjoy the beautiful mountain view behind the house.

And then went for a swim.

Kidding! This pic was taken last summer but it shows the view. The good 'ol smurf pool will be put up again all in due time.

Aside from a few I-miss-her moments, it was evident that we were being thought of in more ways than one. Neighbors stopped by to say hello, one giving me some sweet flower plants and another a card and chocolates. And then there's always the good natured razzing I throw back at my fun neighbour across the road. He teases me about my free junk invaluable finds and I tease him about being jealous. :) I guess I should have mentioned, my apparatus I was painting on nearly took the entire width of my driveway...

We don't need alot of rah rah to make our days a success. The company of my son, lifting up a paintbrush, and simple things like coffee and river views are quite enough to fill my soul with all the right stuff.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. I know they helped to make our day a pretty good one. :)

New traditions start now

We cleaned out my mom's house today.

Up until now, I still had a reason to go to my mom's. We were busy packing and sorting and I took my son for an occasional swim in her beautiful clubhouse pool. There was still the attachment of mom because of her home and her stuff when we went there, even though she wasn't there.

But as of today..

It's. All. Gone.

The rooms are bare and empty, the carpet wearing sad impressions of what was just in place moments ago. The walls have no love to them. The friendly clutter that was normally everywhere you looked now sit in boxes upon boxes. The life and the spirit and belongings of the one we loved has officially vacated the premises.

Now, you see, I've been given strict instruction for Mother's Day. My son says it makes him feel sad when he sees me sad and the day is special to him because of who I am. While feeling sad is quite natural in our given circumstances, I also need to flip the day into an ok one. My son is counting on it.

So, we took in the graveyard the day BEFORE Mother's Day. I don't think I could hold it together visiting a headstone while everyone else went to their mom's for lunch.

Just, no.

And I couldn't grasp my mom's name beside my dad's on the headstone. A name as familiar as my own... 'there.' Her signature, 'there.' Man...

It's quite an amazing headstone. It's a dark granite with a silhouette of my parent's farm done in an etch. Beautiful really. Bright side.. see the bright side I coach myself.

So, taking my own advice, I'm going to start by flipping this post into something abit more inspiring. It's Mother's Day after all. :)

My son loves baking so I think baking a cake together is in order. And I can also see going for a walk for my vanilla coffee and his slushie. We then like to take our treats to the  park and sit on top of the picnic table and watch the town hurry on by while we laze away some time to chat. Yes, I can see doing this quite nicely.

Ohhhh I've got it! I'd like to walk by the river with our chosen treats. Being near water always does it for me!

There, see? I feel better already. I can do this! I can do it, mom.

Although no one can fill my mom's boots quite like she can, I'm certainly going to give it my best shot. This year our focus will be abit different. We're officially  starting a new tradition. I'm going to celebrate BEING a Mom alongside my fav lil dude.

For those of you that are fortunate to still have your mom, enjoy her today. Listen to the stories, join in her laughter, and indulge her in yet another bear hug. Because, you can. :)

As for those that can't and are at a loss? Look into your kiddo's eyes and I have a feeling you'll know what to do next. I'm bankin' on it myself!