Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mom type memory makers

I've been receiving alot of incredible support type comments on FJI, alongside awesome suggestions on how to hang on to those special memories of my mom. So while bustling around home, my mind has wandered around ALOT, wanting to think of creative ways to hold on to something special.

One of the best bits of advice ever was to not rush the 'cleaning up' process. Take your time, then select something that was all about mom or held her fragrance. I will be thinking of that when I return to her place to find things for the funeral memory table.

farm inspired vignette I created at mom's

I also had another brainstorm. I'm going to bring the camera and tripod and start clicking. Her place hasn't been touched yet and it's as if mom is in her bedroom looking for something. Bed unmade, things strewn here and there because we're pinched for time while on our way out. I love that. So I'm going to take some shots of her home the way we remember it, for a cherished family memory.

A part of me wishes we didn't have to do a ding dang thing to her place. EVER. It would be cool to leave it as a meeting place for family functions in memory of her. I can't bear the thought right now of not having her place to gravitate towards. How empty that makes me feel! To stay home all Christmas?!? That's crazy. Can't even go there yet. I really hate this part.

Ok, back on topic. Another awesome suggestion was to collect her clothes and create something out of them. Throw pillow covers? Quilt? The sky's the limit here. I like this idea VERY much. No idea where I'd find the time for such a venture but perhaps if I hung onto some boxed favorites for another time, that would be a great start.

Oh and then there was the one about the purse! Cherish her purse and all the contents just as is. What a neat way to see where she was and what she was doing at the time. Perhaps it holds lists for shopping? Her wallet would be facinating to look back on. So many things. I can't wait to check that one out.

Easter meant alot to my mom. She always hid Easter baskets for us filled to the brim with chocolates. We found the chocolate on the counter, and her new church pictures on the dining room table, all ready to give out to the family. What a lovely memento! A current picture. Couldn't have happened at a better time.

Ok, this is starting to hurt. I'll be back. :) Thanks for the ear. If you have any other ideas on how to hold onto special memories and mementos from those we have to say goodbye to, I'd love your suggestions!


Lori said...

I saved some things of my Dad's and my Grandmothers and would love to make a quilt someday. There are bits of old clothing from me and other family members too. My prom dress is there along with a bridesmaid dress my Mom wore when Dad's sister got married. I keep wanting to get to it every year and then it is spring again and the box is forgotten again. I WILL do something darn it! The house is another thing Donna ~ it will take time and Lord knows it is hard ~ really hard. I will be here for you.....

The Little Red Shop said...

Hi Donna,
Having already lost my precious daddy, who was the holiday maker in our really got me at the chocolates on the counter. For the last 10 years, my mom and I have continued to do something special on days like my dad's birthday...and the day he went to be with the Lord. We do things that he loved to the movies...and shopping. We were pretty numb for the first 6 months...and I still miss him every moment of the day...but, there is so much comfort in knowing that he is with the Lord.

Have a blessed Easter, you celebrate your mama.

Julie M. said...

ohhh, donna! I love the idea of taking pictures of her house! That is a great idea.
Thinking of you on this Easter, hoping the day brings you memories of Easters past.

Christine ~ JAZ Creations said...

Sending you huge comforting hugs for the hurt.

I Love the idea about a quilt made out of your Mom's clothes. What a beautiful idea.

Sandy said...

About a month after my mom died.. I took a few small items that were her... her watch, her hair brush, a card, a seed packet she gave me only two days before.. photos of my siblings and I, her mom and dad.. I then made a memory frame.. to this day it hangs in my bedroom. I just need to look at it and moms there.

You will find what you need...

willowbird35 said...

I love your idea of taking pictures of your mom's house as she left it. That is so sweet and one day you will be so glad you did that. I have some things that belonged to my Dad (he was killed when I was only 12). I have a few of my Mom's things too. She passed away in a nursing home about 9 years ago. I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures of her home as she left it. My heart is with you, Donna. It's so hard to lose a parent.