Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't let the snore bugs bite!

My son and I have just come home from 2 weeks of camping at a local campsite. It was a nice escape for a short while. But let me tell you, I'm so happy to be in my own bed again!

Our trailer is a 17 footer variety. Which translates to, there isn't a whole lotta room for much in there except for what you've just gone in to do.

There is one bigger bed and one table bed. I generally take the larger one as it has a real mattress for my bad back (thanks previous owner Dan!) and Cody takes the table version. No problem really, we two fit in there perfectly.

And then Grandma came for a visit. She's an avid camper of the past, so I felt she'd be thrilled beyond belief to tap into the wonderfully rustic world of camping for a night. So I bit my bottom lip wondering how the sleeping arrangements (tight) would be, but went for it.

We settled in. And much to Cody's delight, he got to sleep in the REAL bed for a night! Finally! Honestly, it was like he won the Disney lottery. So, it was a little 'cozy', but we made out, well, ok. I'm use to sleeping in a king sized bed by myself at home, so for one night, I figured I could manage with a wiggly 10 yr old while Grandma took the table top bed and the dog got the floor.

And honestly, it was ok! Until the show started.

I woke myself up from my own snoring. It happens and I'm honest about it. Ok, no big deal, go back to sleep, self. But that didn't happen.

For some reason, Cody kept kicking his metal blind on the window. CLINK. Repeatedly. Not just every so often. CLINK. You could nearly time the hits by counting. CLINK. What is this?!? I was about to jab him just abit, when Grandma started the chainsaw action.

Ah. I remember now. Growing up, Mom and Dad would nap in two separate rooms on a sleepy Sunday afternoon in order not to wake each other up. For GOOD reason.

Ok, so one one side I have the blind kicker with the odd elbow jab in my face. And he mumbles on occasion too. And on the left is the chainsaw party.

And that's when Cody woke up, and things got abit more interesting.

"Mom, Grandma's snoring!"

Me droning... "Yes, dear."

"Mom, I can't sleep!" CLINK (kicks the blinds)

I'm groggy beyond belief. And it's pitch black so short answers are all my fuzzy brain can decifer at this rate.

"Shhhh!" whew... major effort!


"MOM! I can't sleep!" CLINK CLINK

"She'll stop soon. Quit kicking the blinds and go to sleep!"

snoooorrreeee plus special effects

"Mom, did you hear THAT?!?" (and repeats what she just did)

"um huh."

"MOM! What's that SMELL?"

No, please, no. The dog was passing GAS.

I start giggling. Cody didn't see the humor.

"Mom, it stinks! Mom, I'm going to wake her!"

"No no no, they'll stop soon." (snort!)


snoooorrrreeeee smellllllllll

Ok ok, truce! I woke Grandma and asked her to turn on her side. And all was well. Dunno about the dog. We all fell asleep again. But we survived.

Night two approaches. Question of the day was, shall we all enjoy each other for another evening in the trailer or should we go home for the night? We happened to be camping 10 min from our house, so it was a no brainer as far as Cody was concerned.

"Mom, I want to sleep at HOME! REMEMBER! Jenna(dog) goes tttthhhppp, you CCCCKKKK (snore sounds), Grandma CCCCCCKKKKKK PLUS (snore sounds with massively impressive special effects), and I mmmblmmmble ( mumble sounds)."

"Yeah, ok. We'll go home."

And so we did, and had a GREAT night.

Would I do this all again? Absolutely! Next year.


Kari said...

Donna, when are you going to publish these stories??? LOVE 'em!

~ Kari

Loree said...

Totally had me giggling But camping is so much fun.

Yemalla said...

That's too funny! I miss camping adventures. One of these days I'll have to just pack up a farting dog and a snoring grandma and go get me some. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh Donna, that was hilarious, the tears were flowing down my face, I was laughing so hard... wow, what a night...

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