Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's hot.

I don't even have enough umph to put hot in uppercase. It's too hot.

Our region at time plays with heat in a non meaningful way. We reach the odd high temps in summer to the point of thinking, hey, this is neat! I don't need long sleeves in the PM!

However we're in the depths of a heatwave and the temps only promise to climb to 39 Celsius for early next week.

We aren't accustomed to this grade of heat, so I can feel morale and energy shut down wherever I go. All talk around you has the word hot in it.

Yesterday at a workplace I frequent, we were using pressurized bottles filled with water to spray into a big fan offering you a brief rain effect. That workplace decided they were going to start an hour earlier today to beat the afternoon temps beating down into the bays. I was working high up on a ladder. As if it wasn't hot enough down below.

I'd have to believe, what's saving the neighbourhood this summer is Cody's pool. We put up a 4 foot high x 15 foot wide above ground, and until yesterday, had a real chilly bite to it. The water simply wouldn't warm up. Yesterday it finally did. And that's when we all decided it should have stayed cold. Are we ever happy?!?

The pool has been a Godsend. I dunk in the pool, then switch on the fan in the house and start cooking. Dunk again, and do the dishes. It is what it is. Survival mode has kicked in! Not many other projects are getting done around the homestead. It's about getting home from work and running into the pool before you can even THINK about anything else.

I suppose this is why the good folks in those big box stores carry air conditioners. Who knew? I've owned a house variety before and because it was only used about twice a year, I didn't bother in this current house.

I'm still not quite sold on getting one because I'd probably need 2 or 3 in the open floor plan we've got happening in this place. And then we'd just stay inside on a nice day. No doubt the tv and/or computer would be blaring away, wasting that amazing day outside. Nah. This heatwave can't last THAT much longer. (can it?)

Sleep is proving to be an issue though. I do have plan B in effect if need be. Our cute little travel trailer is sitting in the driveway that has air. We will no doubt be using that by the weekend for a good nights sleep. Goofy beds, here we come!

Well, onto another hot day. I only have one wish for today. Please Tim Horton's, do NOT allow those ice cap machines to quit working as they at times do when overused. Not today. I need you.

If you have some tips on how to beat the heat, feel free to share. Really.

Time to go to work and sweat. See you soon, my little ice cap!


Our trip of a lifetime said...

Funny isn't it..... on the other side of the world we are having temps of 3deg celsius, we are rugged up at night and even though we are having an unseasonly warm winter, we are no where near your temps. We are heading towards our beautiful spring time and I can't wait. My suggestions to cool down, open windows, wet washers (I think maybe you call them wash clothes) on your forehead and just remember it only lasts a little while.
And like you I too have several blogs. Two travel blogs and a blog I started a blog about my grandsons liver disease, and is fight to have a liver transplant. I just love blogging.

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