Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Home again, home again... reality sets in."

My bub is home! He's tanned, happy and loaded with cool stories from his most recent overnight camp for 5 days.

Cody spent his time at Stillwood, a christian camp located in Columbia Valley, BC Canada. This picture shows the elevation! The views are amazing, the mountains close, creating the most scenic and serene setting for a great adventure.

This is the 'pool with a view.' WOW... off to the right is where I took that elevation picture.

This is the GYM. From a designer's perspective, what a gorgeous building! And no doubt a great hideaway for activities when it rains like it does in our climate.

There were tons of cabins riddled here and there and an amazing massive main hall that resembled a log cabin in the woods.

Aside from the gorgeous buildings and top notch features the camp holds, this is what truly warms up my heart. The buddy aspect you build when you spend time with good new folks for a week. This is Ace, Cody's cabin councillor that hung with his group the entire time.

So as we two unwind from all the excitement, reality sets in. Cody wore ONE pair of shorts the entire time. Morning and night. The last day they dipped in the lake and he threw in his sopping wet towel into his suitcase to come home. And this is what resulted from that. Bear in mind, these were CLEAN clothes.


And I couldn't possibly leave out the fact that we're now back on track to mom confiscating stolen chips for breakfast. Double sigh...

What the heck. Welcome home Cody! To the life we both know and love so well!

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