Sunday, July 5, 2009


What a different summer this is transpiring out to be. This will be the first year Cody's ventured off to overnight camps. A growing experience for both of us. And two in one summer!

This round is different. The camp is nearby and for only 5 nights this time. I got to drop him off and walk the grounds. We even got to go to his cabin where he chose his bunk. I was kicking myself that I forgot my camera!

When we first arrived on site, I was impressed at how organized everything was. Young adults were everywhere you looked, identified in camp t-shirts. The energy was positive and energetic. I was so impressed that they even flag you to the exact location of where you are to park. When we went into Cody's cabin, the cabin counsellors were so awesome, making the boys feel included and loved. Right then I got that typical sting in my eyes and throat, praying I wouldn't cry so I quickly turned around to chill. But the emotion is so overwhelming when I see other guys in particular being a buddy to my son. He really deserves it.

Cody has been looking forward to this camp as well, so I left him there feeling ok with things. Not quite like the last time when he flew so far away. I could be with him in 30 minutes here. The comfort of knowing that has me more at peace.

So, another quiet week here at the homestead. It's weird changing gears like that. But I'll dive into my work and projects around the house, knowing he's again among a good group and will discover new things that can only enhance his life.

Incidentally, Cody was sent home early from the Tim Horton's camp due to getting ill. Obtaining a fever and scratchy throat, he was placed in quarantine until healthy enough to be escorted home. I was so concerned he'd be sad, but as it turns out, he still had an incredibly positive experience. And the good news is he's on a waiting list to return! Oh no... that 9 day mom-from-son withdrawal again! But he wants to go so if they call, he'll be on a plane once again. This organization has been top notch in every respect, right down to sending a private escort to get him back home. And inside his backpack, I found a homemade get well card made by his friends in his cabin. Very touching and a nice memento. I still shake my head at their generosity. Please make sure you buy a coffee when they have Camp Day at Tim Horton's. It really does make a difference. ALL the coffee proceeds go towards the camp that day only. It's an amazing donation made by the stores.

Because of the return experience, I'm so very grateful he gets this new experience. Funny how things always work out.

I'll be thinking of all you moms with bustling households this week. And may even envy a bit of that commotion from time to time. But I'll try real hard to make it this round. :)

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