Saturday, June 20, 2009

He's in camp at last!

Is this the sign of a happy camper or what!

Today I can finally share Part 3 of Cody's camping adventure! He's on his way today to the Tim Horton's Children's camp in Alberta, BC Canada for the time of his life!

Cody packing and saying good-byes on the phone

I kicked off Friday to pack for him while he had his last day of school. 10 socks, 10 underwear, 10 t-shirts... on and on it went. And everything had to be labeled with first AND last name.. whew! It was quite a list to follow but understandable. Our weather is totally unpredictable this time of year, especially where he's going. He had swim shorts all the way to a winter coat with mitts!

We ventured out very early the next am, woke up at 5, had to leave the house by 6. I was to bring him to a Tim Horton's nearby where the bus would transport the kids to the airport.

My heart lurched for a moment when I saw the bus on the lot waiting. Already?!?!? But I got a good 1/2 hour to warm up to what was to come and had a great chance to chat with the councillors. These gals were flown in from Alberta to accompany the kids to the camp so they'd be from start to finish with the same adults. Wow.

And naturally I had to sneak in a (7am yawn) mom picture. LOL

Cody was sooo eager to board the bus right away but we waited outside until it was time. I'm so proud of his eagerness! Last year he just wasn't ready for such an event and this year he couldn't leave the house soon enough! What a difference a year can make at this age.

Yup, with taunting like that, I most certainly didn't have to worry about him pining too too much I'd say. :)
After I got home, I started to clean the house of all our trails from the days of packing and sorting. Then decided it was time for a nice (what turned into a 2 hour) nap. Travelling days are tough in these parts ya know. LOL
And then, I finally got the automated message 10 hours later. The kids had arrived safely and were in their cabins enjoying a pizza dinner. That's when I cried. He had been so eager to see his cabin and just be there for so long and he was finally doing it. And PIZZA? Hello... the ultimate?
Oh. And then the announcer proceeded to remind parents that the kids would be white water rafting, doing archery, horseback riding... only all the things he's been dying to get involved with. That qualified a couple more tears of happiness for him.
The boy is truly in a Canadian Disneyland. I'm ecstatic for him!
Parents can email their kids too! If you email them, they get to read the messages after breakfast each day. How cool is that?!? He packed some writing materials to write back as they have an hour of quiet time a day, but if he chooses not to, that is cool, I just want him to have fun with no obligations!
It'll take me a bit to morph into the land of me me me, but as I start projects around the house with no interruptions, I have a feeling my continued renos will come along quite nicely. I have no excuses now!
If you missed previous installments to this story.. they are:
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For now, it's time to roll up my sleeves and get busy around this place. I can't wait to hear the stories he brings home upon his return. You can bet there will be a final Part 4 to this one!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little boy no more

It all started this AM with Cody and I biking to school. He bolts out onto the road in typical rambunctious 10 yr old fashion with an oncoming car heading in his path.

"CODY!" I yell.

He swerves to the side and says, "Moooom, you don't have to say that!"

Well, yeah, I thought I kinda had to...

We get to school. I note he put on a nice black t-shirt, but the problem is, it's full of CAT hair. Nice. He's always picking up those darned cats after putting on black. It's illegal and cannot be done I say.

"You have cat hair all over your shirt! You can't go in like that!" as I proceed to lick my hand so I can swipe off the cat nest festering all over him.


Shoot. I shouldn't have licked my hand. Dead gross-mom giveaway. Thinking fast, I head for the water fountain on the school ground. I soak my hand, SHOW him I'm wiping MOST of it off (he detests wet on him) and proceed to swipe swipe swipe in true motherhood fashion. I know, what a pain in the butt I can be. He fussed some and kept turning on me but I nabbed most of it. Whew. I can breathe now.

School bell rings. Time to go in! I go to give him that little snuggle of a hug and kiss combo and as I'm doing the forward lean thing, he eyes me weird. Oh, right. Gotta be cool here.

"No more kisses and hugs for you huh?" He looks at me in that little eeny weeny corner of his sparkly eye and gives me a small smirk. He wants it. BAD. I go in for the dive and for fun, glue myself on him as we waddle to the door of the school while we both laugh.

Ah crap. I have to let go. He's been chained to my hip for 10 years. I have some habits to break.

Cody's off to camp this weekend for 9 whoppin' days taking a flight outa town no less. Guess that'll be a GREAT start to me letting go, huh? I'll update on my state of mind as the weekend nears. Right now I feel excitement for him! Let's see what Saturday brings, shall we?

Sigh... 10 going on 20. When did this happen?