Friday, May 15, 2009

When life hands you lemons... what do YOU do with them?

Some of you know that I keep a small travel trailer at a local lake resort year around. It's been a wonderful and affordable getaway for many years for us as we can dash up the moment the sun shines on nice weekends and be camping.

This year is going to be different. I've been having vertigo issues since December and I'm still actively trying to figure out the whys of it all and attempting to stay safe and cope and work and all that.

So, the decision to pull the trailer home this year and save some funds was recently made. And let me tell you, the decision was worse than 20 root canals all in one day for me!

Think of ONE thing you adore. And it's gone the next day for a whole year. That is what I feel like.

I've done alot of moping and mourning, but things finally clicked in place the moment someone asked me, "Can you guarantee Cody's safety driving up there?" I couldn't answer which gave me my answer. I knew what I had to do.

So, a different mindset has to take place here. I have to LET THAT PLACE GO. For months my mind was flip flopping.. what if I got better? What if I suddenly had more income to support it? What if what if what if? I was driving myself mental. Until I made the decision and decided to make the decision work.

A friend helped me set up our fancy dancy bbq in our backyard recently, so tonite, on this beautiful sunny weekend of being at home, we're going to recreate our beloved campsite. Grill up a couple small steaks, and then go for a walk afterwards. We're fortunate to have an incredible mountain view behind us so we don't stare at other buildings. We walk out back along the creek and among the large willows. It's tranquil and beautiful. Why did we keep dashing from this again?!?

I'll be bringing my propane fire pit home soon from the campsite so I'm going to create a little windbreak area so we can sit and enjoy our evening s'mores right at home.

We have a river at the end of our road that we can take lawn chairs to. I like to sit on a rocky bed and watch Cody and the dog romp and build dams and such. The sounds are absolutely tranquil and provides a neat change of scenery.

I KNOW I can make this work. But I have to change my way of thinking. I look outside at the sunshine and my desire for camping kicks in. My beach walks, my campground, my friends, my fancy coffee, my icecream cone... BUT, that is no more, so I have some rethinking to do.

My scenario is no different than any life adjustment. We tend to look backwards and think what if I miss I wish I wonder I dread I loathe. I'm here to tell you, you're going to drive yourself insane with that mindset. It's done. It's gone. It's time to make a fresh batch of lemonade!

AND, the best part is, you add the amount of sugar you desire to make it perfect. Which means, do all those things that enhance you and your family's lives and you'll end up in a better place than ever before.

I have alot of newness ahead of me. And although it hurts and I still go back to some pining now and then, I'm also looking forward to the new experiences we'll have being at home this year. Rather than dashing away from our beloved nest, I'm going to stay home and enhance it even further. It's already beautiful from the new renovations. What's to run away from this year? Nothing! The fun part of setting up is just beginning! Now I have the time.

Here's hoping your weekend's lemonade turns out with just the right amount of ice and flavour. You can do it if I can.


Julie R. said...

Oh Donna! I love your thoughts and view. I needed your words today. I read and re read about making new lemonade. You are so right! It is time to sip from a fresh batch and add my own new sugar! Love ya Julie

Anonymous said...

You have a very unique way of changing something crappy into something wonderful, I think you and Cody are going to have a wonderful summer together....