Sunday, May 31, 2009

Conversation with my 10 yr old - variation #25465

So, we had a nice bbq out on the lawn tonite. Lovely summer evening! I get up and saunter around the flowerbeds and approach the little character building with the old windows and barnwood. Suddenly Cody pipes up on conversation. Desperation like.

"Mom, when Kenny and I had the slingshot, I was aiming at that window but I did it by accident."

"Did what by accident?"

"It was by accident."


I look at the old window on the building and sigh. He finked on himself because he saw me walk towards the damage. That cool little window had the perfect hole with hairline cracks straying from it. This old window was a gift from a friend and I loved everything about just the way it was. Now it has mischevious little boy character it seems.

"You aimed for the window and hit it on PURPOSE didn't you?"



"Mom, I'm eating my carrots."

Why oh why did I laugh out loud? Darn it!

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