Monday, March 30, 2009

People watching at the hospital

I spent a little bit of time at the local hospital today. I happened to be sitting at the coffee shop near the front door for about 15 minutes. Not a magazine or newspaper was to be had, so with coffee in hand, I people watched.

It wasn't hard to do. I was facing the main door. And quite the cast of eclectic characters came forth.

One young gal came in wiping her eyes. Boy I can relate. I've been there before when worried about someone having gotten hurt. I felt empathy for her and shot some good luck vibes her way.

There was the older lady that came in with her daughter. They had a lot to talk about in a pleasant manner, so looks as if their day was going ok.

Then there was the really thin fella with some kind of IV bag tied to him. That had to be awkward. But I could tell it was all old hat for his mom and himself as they made it calmly to the outside door.

None of this was old hat for me. At all. I feel totally foreign in a hospital setting. I don't fear it, it's just that I haven't frequented one all that often. I've been blessed with exceptional health all my life, so when I do go into one, there's always a lot to take in.

And this one guy had me doing a second take. On either side of him were police officers so I inspected a little closer. He was handcuffed. AND his feet were shackled together. He was doing a pretty good pace for shuffling along.

When he walked past, we made eye contact. I had to wonder what he was thinking. As for me, I felt this coldness sneak around me and I actually shivered. And then I thought. The image of him wouldn't go away.

How on earth could someone mess up so bad in life to warrant earning this kind of loss of life? What did he have to look forward to when he woke up each morning? Where are the hugs and laughter from family members? There's so much life to live! And here he was, chained up like a common criminal from a TV movie. I didn't even want to think about what he had to do to achieve where he was.

I felt off. I suddenly morphed into the loss of his life. It felt like I was falling into a bottomless chilly dark well.

I took another sip of coffee and decided right then that I need to really enhance upon Cody what kind of awesome life we lead. We have each other, we have for the most part great health with only minor glitches, an awesome home, wonderful things to wake up to, and someone to hug before turning in for the night. Suddenly, I missed my boy very much. It was time to go.

Bless all those good folks that work at the hospital and take care of the hurt masses. They are special indeed. And I was sure appreciating them today.

It never ceases to amaze me how everyone carries a different strength throughout life. Want to also appreciate a nurse, doctor or volunteer at the hospital? Go sit in front of the main entry. I guarantee you'll know exactly what I mean within 15 minutes.


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