Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day kindness

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. So once again, the little cards are written up for Cody's school class, and we bring out the baking sheets to create our annual cookies.

See all those little cards up above? There's 30 of them. And they are of the utmost importance. And we just got them today. Because we just got the list of kids from Cody's school to remind me today. Oy..

So we flew out of the schoolyard and head for the Yellow Barn, the only store I know of in our hometown that sells kiddie Valentine's Day cards. Know how I know that? Because yesterday I drove by their sign and they had stuck a big red heart on it. Talk about impeccable timing for everything here.

There was one box of cards for what Cody would want to give out left! WHEW!!!! That saved us hours of hand cutting our own at home let me tell ya.

And guess what. I left my wallet at home.

Soooooo typical of me. I'm holding these cards, exasperated, and flat out frustrated with myself and my fading memory bank. The store clerk heard some of my mumblings and she piped up with, "Hey, this is THE YELLOW BARN. Bring me the money tomorrow."

Bless Colleen's heart! With no time to waste, I profusely thanked her (and she's getting a handful of cookies along with her money) and flew home so Cody could start writing them up.

You know, it's those little things that make a whole big difference in someone's day. I most certainly could have wasted another $5 in gas to return home to pay for $2 cards, but this gal made it so I didn't have to do that. She saved me valuable steps and time to boot. Because of her kindness. Seems suitable for the object I brought home, doesn't it?

For Valentine's Day, Cody says he wants to do puzzles. Good idea! And maybe munch on a pretty cookie or 3 while we're at it. And it's my guess that Colleen will be munching on the same thing.
Happy Valentine's Day folks!


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