Sunday, January 25, 2009

When a simple charm offers so much more

Indeed. And suitable for a little Sunday story.

This awesome gem is a gift to Cody from Vic. (Vic is an integral part of the Extreme Team helping us with our house renos.) A ways back, Vic use to teach a class and had a handful of these little guys to loan out to those going through a difficult time. They were brought back when their troubled time was somewhat resolved.

This keepsake is about 20 years old and there was only one left. And Vic gave it to Cody.

The night of receiving this, I talked to Cody about it's meaning and how to put it to good use. I kissed him goodnight and I left his room. He was suddenly up and walking into the kitchen rubbing sleepy eyes.

"What's up?"

"I forgot something." He went to where I had placed the charm and wanted it around his neck to sleep with.

I followed him into his room again and asked why it was important to wear it for bedtime.

"Because I want to. Vic gave it to me. I'm going to give it to my son when he's 9 and he can give it to his son when he's 9. It's going to stay in the family forever."

Cody wanted to wear it to school the next day so I ensured the string was short enough where it couldn't go over his head. We again spoke about the true meaning and off he went. I noted he proudly kept pulling it outside of this shirt to ensured it showed in full view. Cute!

The next night he slept with it again but in the morning, I noticed the soft metal had bent. I was worried that the precious 20 year old charm wouldn't make another Cody kind of night tossing and turning or even during the day kind of squiggling, so I offered to put it on display where we could always enjoy it, but with the promise I'd find Cody AND myself another that we could wear all the time if we wished.

So this is where it sits. Right in our new kitchen. And it's beautiful. A subtle reminder of how we ought to guide our moments/hours/days ahead.

When I look at it, I look at the new beautiful kitchen surrounding it and how this symbol simply and perfectly completes the entire picture. It was a blessing of sorts that it was abit too fragile to wear daily. It's now situated in the heart of our home, the very room where we make so many of our daily decisions. Now the gentle visual nudge is there on how to base those decisions. I believe every home ought to have one!

And the bonus? Vic said the metal went with our kitchen. Boy was he right!!! I LOVE this thing.

A timeless piece to stay in our family, indeed! With so many stories and meanings attached to it.

Thank-you Vic!

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