Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New snow = new happy!

It's snowing again! And I say that in the most very positive way possible. :) (pic is from previous snowfall)

We've had quite a real winter this year so far. When the snow finally melted and the weather reached somewhat balmy conditions for this time of year, I had visions of getting outside and gardening! I went outside one day and started picking up reno stuff that had blown into any nook and cranny possible from our high winds, when I realized, yikes, it's kinda cold out here!

Sunshine does a number on me. It fools me into getting outdoors for that vitamin D. It gives me energy and just makes me happy! I need out when the sun hits.

So what's up with this snow glee I feel? I have no idea. It's just about like white fluffy sunshine.
It may stem back to my childhood. Snow days were awesome. I remember the country roads disappearing so the milk truck couldn't even get through on occasion. Or the drifts being so deep you could walk on top of barn roofs! You could dig the coolest ever caves into massive drifts for the best forts ever. Snow evokes intense joy in my crazy corner of the world. And Cody feels it too. May have something to do with me pounding into his bed in the AM waking him with, "CODY IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :)

Honestly, I kinda like rain on occasion too when you know you are stuck indoors for abit and are content with working on a reno project. I adore the sound of rain hitting a roof. It stems back to when I had a full wrap around veranda at my last home. I loved going out on that veranda with a blanket wrapped around me just to listen to the rain pound.

I do that on occasion here. I've finally cleaned up reno junk off my little back patio and have my lawn table and chairs set out in a nice and inviting way, beckoning me out there for some fresh cool air. So that is what I did one AM. I took along a blanket and sat on my chair, listening to the rain, overlooking my pretty mountain view out back with hot coffee in hand.

I just love the outdoors!

Now pounding rain month after month gets rather depressing. That's when I have to seek out people and get social again to keep my spirits lifted. I love alone time and hanging with Cody and all, but its as if too much doom and gloom sucks out the happiness factor, so it's time to replace it somehow. Adult socialization during those times is like a much needed vitamin. Just do it if you need to.

Living in a region with 4 real seasons I'm very grateful for! I visit online with lots of folks that live in very warm places with palm trees and everything. I dream of being there on occasion, but I smile when I look out my own window. I love it here! No matter what the weather, really.

So for today, I'm going to rejoice in the new fallen snow once again. The world looks as if God threw this incredible fleecy blanket over the whole works for us to enjoy. He sure makes the nicest quilts!

Happy snow day to me!


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