Friday, January 9, 2009

Thinking outside of the 4 walls

My first walk of 2009! I love power walks in the AM after dropping Cody off from school. They not only aid in waking me up, they fuel me for the rest of the day. And more which I'll getting to shortly.

We've had a lot of storm/rain storms within our region and it's kept me inside the 4 walls I call home a lot lately. To the point of subjecting myself to think of myself too much. I call it cabin fever.

For the first little while, it's fun to stay home! Sip coffee while staying in pj's, moving slowly, enjoying the renovations done lately, working at my own pace with no interruptions. It's somewhat of a treat being trapped inside a pretty house actually. But not for too long.

You start feeling tired from nothing. All aches and pains suddenly speak a little louder than yesterday. You start missing people that normally occupy the enjoyable part of your life. You just want out!

This AM after dropping off Cody, the clouds parted just enough to stop the torrents of rain we've experienced non stop for at least a week. I took that as my cue to escape.

This is the part I find most curious. I got dressed like I was simply going to work downstairs. But my dog Jenna picked up on something else and I fail to get what. She looked at me at some point, perked up her ears and scurried downstairs with paws ablur like there was this luscious roast beef dinner down at the doorway. I wasn't even near the stairs yet! Obviously she's been waiting for some time for her morning jaunt. I honestly didn't even say WALK yet.

Anyway, it was awesome to get the crunch of gravel beneath my feet again. And to start thinking outside my 4 walls.

My walks are therapeutic. I walk one direction on the gravel dyke beside the river. There's nothing to look at except the exquisite outdoors. The walk has me appreciating just how nature decorates best, and allows me to contemplate my day, life, what have you.

New refreshing thoughts took me in many places I haven't mentally visited for quite some time. Many voices, situations and stories trickled through my thoughts, entertaining me to the point of forgetting I was exerting myself. (and that's a beautiful thing!)

What did I think of? I didn't think of coffee or aches or weather keeping me from those I loved for a change. I thought of how good walking made me feel and that I desired to get back in shape again and started reflecting on a better diet. I fell into the world of what my dog was doing, something so simple as walking, yet on top of the world in her eyes. I thought of those affected by our local flooding (which are many right now) and empathized greatly. I've been on the receiving end of a flood evacuation before and know the sudden terror it can spin you in. (another good story for one day) So I relived some of that. I thought about my upcoming weekend on what I'd like to do on the house reno wise. And just thought about anything and everything.

I walked until my body ached in a slightly bad way. My back is out, leading to arm pain I've been tolerating for awhile now, so I knew if I went today I'd have to watch my pace and listen. So I did. It was time to turn back when it was time.

My way back takes me through our little town. I chose that route because I can switch my mind on to other things rather than myself. I think of others as I walk by their houses and wonder what they're up to, hoping they have a good day in store. It was interesting accounting for all those old Christmas trees on the roadside yet to be picked up. And I noted the sidewalks were incredibly icy and dangerous, so next time, until I'm sure the ice is history, best to stay on my gravel route both ways. And on it went.

Upon entering the house at the end of my enjoyable jaunt and mental housecleaning, my first ache hit me. Boy was it nice to forget about that kinda stuff when outside these 4 walls! The walk left me in a state of added optimism for the rest of the day. I WILL do this and that and get things done. Priorities first, then fun stuff!

So it's time to get off this computer and do just that. (as this is rated fun stuff LOL)

Walking (and writing for that matter) is my way of clearing my head. For others it may be working on a project, cutting the lawn or playing music. Do what it takes to make your day just a little brighter for you! Your overly occupied cabin fevered mind will thank you for it.

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Kim@ForeverWherever said...

I enjoyed reading your post! I like to work with my plants or go for a walk along the harbor. It's hard to think about bad things when your watching dolphins jump and bird hunting for fish. Even if your house is's nice to get out in nature.