Saturday, January 17, 2009

Setting the stage for a weekend catered to ME

Cody generally goes to his dad's on the weekends for a night or two. This weekend it's only one night. But that doesn't mean it will be made any less special for me.

I use to mope in Cody's absence and rationalize how unnatural this was, to have a child ripped out of the arms of the mom. Jealous how intact families stayed together and didn't have to separate like this. It took me awhile to get it.

But finally, I now do. And I look forward to it.

As I don't currently date, I plan the weekend to cater to ME.

I know when he'll be dropped off, so I'll plan things in town nearby, perhaps grab a coffee and drift down the halls of Homesence just for fun. Or grab that beloved Tim Horton's coffee (remember to support them! They want to send my kid to camp!! LOL) and just go home and eagerly dig into a new project at home.

This weekend that new project will be staining stair and rail woodwork and painting one wall if I get that far.

As evening approaches, if I'm hungry enough, I love to order the local yokal pizza down the road (Yarrow Pizza's house special) and get it the way I love to eat it! This one's just for me! And it offers me scrumptious leftovers for lunch the next day to boot. My fav is loaded with veggies so it's got that healthy crunch that keeps me coming back for more.

Next up, a deep hot bubble bath complete with hazelnut scented candles. Sometimes an iced water to accompany my hot soak is all I desire, other times cranberry juice on ice. Just, whatever I desire.

On my night on my own, I love to plug in a girlie movie. I put on my pj's, grab a blanket, light the real fireplace and enjoy the warmth and good entertainment. I have some movies in stock that I love to watch over and over again that just never do when Cody's around, or I may go rent a new one I've been waiting to see. Doesn't much matter. As long as it brings a smile to my face, I'm taken well care of.

I get to sleep in the next day! But generally, I don't for some reason. I usually have this project on the go that begs me to get back at it, so that in itself wakes me up with an exciting prospect to face head on. Passion first thing in the morning is a good thing! And then there's the Sunday church service that always offers a good message. My good options offer me a great day ahead!

Then I will pick up my little guy later Sunday evening. But I'll be ready for him. We may go out to eat for a treat or I'll have an easy fix at home ready to throw in the oven. The key is, I'll be ready for him. I've catered to my needs, and now it's time to drink in the love and energy I've rejuvenated for my child again.

My point for this post? You create your own ambiance. If you desire to feel like the above, modify it to make it work for you.

So, what are your plans this weekend? Are you going to treat yourself and make a part of it just yours somehow? Or will this weekend be all about cuddling with the loves of your life? (those are fun too! I also make them special) It's all good no matter what.

Have a great weekend, all! Happy Saturday to you!

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