Friday, January 30, 2009

The pet barracade

Do you have any pets like these guys...

that at times you like to keep out of certain rooms in your home? Boy do I have a product for you!

The new and improved PET BARRIER at your service! Designed and fabricated by the one and only Cody Williams in Yarrow, British Columbia Canada!

Note the incredible detail on this one. Complete with a stuffy of a pet to symbolize just what it's suppose to keep out! A colour coordinated, timely piece that's sure to make a mom chuckle. And storage on top to boot! What a little multitasker this product is!

Interestingly enough, the one cat that tends to bother Cody the most isn't among these pictures. She's chocolate brown and her photos pretty much never turn out or she runs away. I'll have to keep trying.

Nevertheless, the other two come for visits on occasion as well. And it doesn't always work with Cody's bedtime schedule.

Teddy the choc brown cat, always jumps on Cody's bed right at reading time. Every night on schedule. Then she purrrrrrs and kneeeeeeeeads to the point of total distraction. Try settling down for the night with a noisy fan with something fluttering in the blades. That's what she sounds like.

Beethoven the black and white cat always wants to sleep against your face. If you like fresh cool air at night, this is not your night time cuddling kind of cat. Try wrapping your head with a hot fleecy blanket. Right against your nose especially. Weigh the blanket down with something heavyish, such as, I dunno, a box full of stuff. And then turn on that noisy fan again. That is Beethoven to a T.

So the cats get locked downstairs for night. Every night. We need our sleep! But it's a good place for them. Their food and litter box reside there as well as a couple big plumpy quilts for them to shed on.

Jenna the non barking dog on the other hand, is as quiet as a mouse. But annoys Cody with her bone chewing. At Cody's reading time she too wanders into Cody's room but she carries her bone and grinds on it while we try and concentrate. While I think it's hilarious and somewhat endearing, it isn't Cody's cup of tea. And for night as I like to separate the dog and cats anyway, she does stay upstairs. So Jenna's bed is at the foot of my own. She'll lay down and not even move all night. I'm a light sleeper so trust me, I'd know if she moved an inch.

We love all our animals! But they each have their place. They do roam the house at free will during the day. (that's why bedroom doors are closed as well as a sheet draped over the sofa and coffee table pushed up against where you sit. NO DOG ZONE ya know but can't really stop the cats from jumping up) Jenna stays outside for the day if I'm not home during the summer months but not winter. The cats are strictly the indoor variety.

Hence, we at times just really 'need' that cat/dog barricade. No need to go out and buy a fancy dancy pet or kidlet safety gate. Get a local 9 yr old boy to make you one!

I promise, there's no copyright infringement stamp on this one. Go at'ter.


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