Saturday, January 24, 2009

On the quaintness of creaky floors

Have you ever walked into an older heritage type home and heard the floors creak? Or perhaps your newer up to date home does the same thing.

While we were renovating our current house, it was a challenge to stop all the creaks. Hardwood flooring was the plan, so we took great lengths to make the floors as sound as possible. A bazillion new screws littered the plywood floors in an effort to stop the eeeeeeeee.

There was this one particular creak that we could not lose! It was right in the pathway of Cody's room so an area you simply couldn't avoid walking on. And being that we were caught up in the spirit of all things highly productive and sound, we worked like the dickens to fix this!

No matter where I placed a new screw, it was not working. I was always greeted with yet another taunting eeeeeeee. I gave up. Cody heard my frustration and wanted a go. I gave them the entire box of screws, cordless drill and happily left that negative energy to someone more up for the challenge.

Cody worked HARD on that one. And he continued to test the floor upon each screw being embedded. I smiled while I worked on something else, hoping he wouldn't be to let down WHEN he failed at that impossible task. Well, he didn't fail. He fixed it! And this is what it took to do so. For one lousy little protesting squeak.

As the floors went in, I proudly tried them out and noted how we stopped so many of those annoying squeaks. Wow, we have good sound strong new floors!

A few days later, I remember talking to Phoenix while he was working on the fireplace. I was still working on screwing in the floor here and there where the floors weren't yet installed. That's when he piped up and said, 'Squeaky floors are awesome!"

I had to think about that for a moment. Whenever I visited an older heritage type home, I've always loved the slam of a screen door or the squeak of the old floors. Those sounds are those of comfort in an odd way, the very sound effects we strive to eliminate in newer homes of today.

Huh. Now I had a slightly different view of the floor. I walked up and down them not finding squeaks at all. Did I just remove the quaintness of a home that squeaked and slammed of all things speaking comfort from long ago? Talk about a mindset challenge!

And then the weather turned very cold. We had a blast of winter storms and ice chilling temps that kept us indoors and snowbound for quite awhile.

Do you have any idea what the cold does to wood floors? They not only slightly separate, THEY SQUEAK!

Now when I walk in an area and I hear that once annoying eeeee, I smile to myself, so very grateful to have some character back in this place.

Phoenix was dead on. Squeaking floors are awesome!

And useful. For Christmas mornings when Cody sneaks up to the tree...

So, what are some of the quaint quirks you are enjoying in your own homes? Feel free to share them here!

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Edwin Allen said...

Creaky floors are unacceptable. In a better world, you won't even have to put up with them, much less look at them. Glad that you've worked out remedies, and that these were promptly detected like they should be.

Edwin @ Inspect It, Inc.