Friday, January 2, 2009

The magical mix of housecleaning and pets

"Dear pets,

I love you all dearly. I really do. You can be my best friends whenever I desire a cuddle without a doubt.

It's just that I have a small issue.

I have just swiffered my entire hardwood flooring. And then found this.

You've graced your presence nicely throughout the entire house. Thank-you! But there just has to be more to life than holding a swiffer handle, ya know?

This is what happens to dogs that can't stop shedding when it's swiffering time. So just stop for a day, ok?

Love, your human swifferer."

I knew this was coming. Real housework to keep my new renos looking beautiful. I had just forgotten how often it takes to keep things up to snuff.

Plywood floors are so easy to care for. (because you just don't) The anal cleaning fanatic has come out in full force around these parts. New is actually easier and more gratifying to clean than old because you are able to bring back that lustre you love. It is fun to clean new and pretty!

But I am forcing myself to put away my cleaners and get back to the renos. Forcing is key. But I can do it.

Right after I quickly swiffer just one more time.

Oh, the sun came out. I should just quickly wipe down the windows...

... help ...

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