Friday, January 23, 2009

Cody's first computer report

I think my boy is growing up!

Normally an afternoon of homework constitutes sitting at the kitchen island together with pen and paper in hand or in front of the dry erase board. Thursday was different.

Cody was to do a report on salmon habitat. And the kids had an option on how to go about their good copy, either by hand written ink or via computer.


Cody chose the electronic way. I was enticed to watch. He placed his fingers in the proper position for typing. One by one, in their own time, the appropriate letters appeared on screen. In grade 4, they learn how to type! Oops, I'm showing my age. Is it called keyboarding now? I don't know.

No matter. I was pleased as all get out to see him tab, enter, cap lock, and using the right fingers in all the right places! I quickly rounded up my laser printer from downstairs and found a permanent spot inside a cabinet in the kitchen. I had a feeling we'd need it more so in the future.

He printed out his work. And he got a lesson on how things can appear differently on screen than how they print out. Going back and forth a few times with needed tweaks, he proudly printed out his work. He was so pleased with himself!

Throughout his typing phase, he kept looking up at me exclaiming, "Am I doing good?" LOL Oh he knew he was doing good! I told him he was anyway. He wanted major acknowledgement on his new venture, over and over again, due to sheer newness.

He drew a picture to simulate his paragraph. Being that it was on another piece of paper, I suggested he cut it out and perhaps add a nice coloured border to it via construction paper. So I dragged out the bulk pack, scissors and glue, and let him do all the rest.

Can I just tell you how much I love our metal topped island again?!? Welcome to All-Things-Done-Here Central! Cody was cutting directly onto this very table top. I'm now convinced, everyone needs one of these in the center of their upstairs!

Back to Cody. I found a page protector so he could slip his elite work inside for the best protection ever. I placed it in his binder to be returned to school, and showed him yet again, what the final product appeared like, holding up his book.

He was amazed at his own work. He kept revisiting the page over and over. It was crystal clear that he impressed himself.

Here's to our growing children and all the new things they continue to surprise and inspire us with everyday. Each day is a new adventure just waiting to happen. And today, it was about a 9 yr old boy and a laptop and some artistic smarts on his behalf.

I think we are well on our way.


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