Sunday, January 4, 2009

Celebrating SNOW!

We in BC Canada have had an amazing winter this year. Normally we don't get an awful lot of snow and for the kind we do, it can be there one day and gone the next. In Dec 2008, our snowfall was memorable.

Cody and I always do our utmost to celebrate new fallen snow by claiming it an official 'snow day.' Generally a good snowfall happens in the evening. And when it does, we revamp our night to take advantage of our fluffy white gift. Bedtime schedules are adjusted and off we go to enjoy, warmly bundled up in full snow gear from head to toe. If it's snowing before school, we walk there. If there's snow on the ground after school/work, we're playing in it. We are where the snow is!

This Christmas was amazing in the fact that most in our area got snowed in! Christmas concerts were postponed, seeing family rescheduled, whatever it took, in an effort to stay off treacherous roads.

While it was a difficult decision to bow out of some family functions, it was the right thing to do at the time. Once I got over the hump of realizing this Christmas would be alot quieter, I kicked the blues to the curb and Cody and I went outside. Many times over!

Most days we simply stayed in pj's and pulled our snowsuits over top when we wanted to brave the cold. It was lazy and wonderful.

But some new opportunities also came our way with our rapid change of our stay-at-home-snow-plans. On Christmas eve we went for appetizers among friends to Pete and Erna's. On Christmas day, we got invited to dinner at Rozella's just down the road. Then Christmas evening we stopped in at Dan and Janis' and ended up playing our favorite board game, Carcassonne.

We really weren't lonely or alone at all this year. Actually, this Christmas was full of plenty of smiles and good times with friends. Thanks to the snow!

Some folks agonize over snow falling. In some cases, I did the same. When groceries got abit scarce or we got hit by mild cabin fever, I longed to just jump in the truck and get outa Dodge for abit. However for the most part, a good snowfall is thoroughly enjoyed by us. Most times a good reason to just stay home can prove to be the ultimate kind of day.

Now in January, snow still threatens our region from time to time, alerting us to be aware and plan to stay off the roads. We attempted to join Rob and Maria for New Year's eve out of town. But as if the snow dial was again turned on high, snow filled the sky again having us scamper home sooner than later just in case. And so goes this winter.

I guess it takes a certain kind of person to really enjoy snow. Most often snow lovers are those that don't have a real opportunity to be around it much. Most folks that have snow on their doorstep for months on end tend to detest the stuff. I probably would too.

But that isn't what our region offers. When it snows, it's a time for a quick mini celebration! An invitation to play in the most beautiful surroundings given to us, but with a deadline. For it never lasts for long.

There is nothing quite like the quietness and serene surroundings snow creates. It truly is Heaven on earth on a good snow day!

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