Sunday, January 4, 2009

Breakfast OR coffee.. oh which to choose!

Breakfast. A meal I so wish I could do without.

I'll start by saying I'm not an early AM kinda person. My perfect wakeup scenario is getting up when my body is ready (anywhere from 7-10 am, depending what I'm use to at that given time), stumbling into the kitchen, greeting my java homebrew with a welcoming yawn and stretch. No sound but the silent ticking of my kitchen clock and the furnace starting up for the first time that day. The animals slowly wake up and meander into the kitchen one by one, yawning and stretching just as I. The scenario makes me smile every morning.

And then Cody comes in. He boisters out of bed as if feet are embedded with springs and exclaims before his eyes fully open, "I'm hungry!" Which means, I have to think. Before my coffee is working.

On weekends when he's with me, I let him sleep in abit so I can wafe through my morning fog until my coffee kicks in. But there are those times he beats me to it. He's slowly learning to cook for himself but it all doesn't happen overnight. We're working on it, trust me.

Anyway, today he wants his special treat (which he had to earn by being kind to the animals, another story) to be White Spot for breakfast.

I don't pay for breakfasts. I don't go out then. I don't celebrate breakfast. Breakfast ruins the coffee experience. You coffeeaholics know what I speak of. Fresh quality ground beans only, a little on the strong side, real creamo always on hand in the large size... we are our own breed for sure.

Don't get me wrong. I do have breakfast, but later. I love my freshly cut up mixed fruit salad and massive dollup of yogurt. But not during my coffee ritual. NO WAY.

I vote that for today, we make it dinner and pick up Grandma first so she can join us. Make going way out yonder abit more meaningful. (and much much much later of course)

Hungry Cody had to deal with breakfast at home today, as always. There are TWO other mealtimes where we can eat out as a treat, no problem. Just, not breakfast. We'll save those restaurant spots for those true blue morning variety folks.

May your breakfast time be what YOU desire it to be. Food or no food. I think just one more cup will be the ticket for me...

P.S. This just in. Did you read my celebration of snow post? We just arranged to visit Grandma and now they are calling for 15-20 cm of new snow today! Don't 'they' understand we had plans?!?

I still love snow I still love snow I still love snow...

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