Friday, January 2, 2009

Baking cookies the 2009 way!

Baking in the new kitchen this Christmas was such a treat! So much room, functional and the big bonus, an oven that really works!

Cody and Alex found me baking cookies one day after school and asked if they could help. And the deal was, whatever Alex could manage to decorate, he got to take home.

They made some pretty amazing variations. Cody had this one cookie that must have been 3 inches thick with icing. Just because. Alex was after the quantity so he could bring a sampling home for each member of his family, so he worked very quickly.

Here's a little time warp to enjoy. Once upon a time, Cody sat on the counter while I made these very same cookies...

The other day he asked me if he could again sit on the counter. Funny how some memories linger that way. But the memories are always good ones, including the 2008-9 Cody/Alex no counter version.

Happy New Year all! Here's to many more cookies to come!

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