Monday, December 29, 2008

How we spent our Christmas

We had a fabulous snowstorm over the Christmas holidays this year. Although it was abit sad to choose to play it safe and stay home rather than visit with family, we postponed our family visits and flipped our Christmas alone to plenty of board games, pj's all day, neighbour visits and snow fun!

This is Cody's idea. Originating from Zach next door, Cody informed me he now knew I was santa and he wanted to catch me in the act by camping out under the tree. Well, he didn't catch me at all. I waited till he was sound asleep and silently placed the gifts under the tree, snickering the whole time.

Why look. 'Santa' left footprints even! (baking soda sprinkled around my boots, but shhhh...)

Cody's first gift bought with his own money. I love this brush set! And each morning he is checking to see if I'm putting it to good use.

And we sure enjoyed being snowed in our beautiful home this year. Check out the home reno blog for pics of my new island top. It is to die for.

Here's hoping your Christmas and holiday season also has special memories attached!


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