Monday, December 29, 2008

How we spent our Christmas

We had a fabulous snowstorm over the Christmas holidays this year. Although it was abit sad to choose to play it safe and stay home rather than visit with family, we postponed our family visits and flipped our Christmas alone to plenty of board games, pj's all day, neighbour visits and snow fun!

This is Cody's idea. Originating from Zach next door, Cody informed me he now knew I was santa and he wanted to catch me in the act by camping out under the tree. Well, he didn't catch me at all. I waited till he was sound asleep and silently placed the gifts under the tree, snickering the whole time.

Why look. 'Santa' left footprints even! (baking soda sprinkled around my boots, but shhhh...)

Cody's first gift bought with his own money. I love this brush set! And each morning he is checking to see if I'm putting it to good use.

And we sure enjoyed being snowed in our beautiful home this year. Check out the home reno blog for pics of my new island top. It is to die for.

Here's hoping your Christmas and holiday season also has special memories attached!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Ho! Ho! (funny) kinda stuff

Who says cats can't decorate?

Cody had a new hobby while the renos were taking place. We like to call it 'toilet chipping.' He is using my cordless drill to chip at the ice. This occured every morning before school.
Yes, interesting I agree...

Hey, and only two more to go! I was the talk of the town with these unique lawn ornaments.

Merry Christmas friends!

Cody's unique photography

So I found this picture on my digital camera and freaked out! WHO is this dude? Was he a homeless guy around Cody or ?!?

I freakingly scroll down through more photos and find...

... this guy... what in blazes is going on! Wasn't quite clicking in yet but something felt vaguely familiar.
This next pic of Sugar had me snorting with laughter. Cody was taking pics of the TV show Survivor!

Can you spell 'hugely relieved?!?' Oy but my boy is unique.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cody's BIG morning plans

Cody had been getting up abit too late for school mornings lately. You can tell when the kidlets are due for another break soon when that stuff starts to transpire nearly daily. But since we still have to ride out a couple more weeks before Christmas break, we had to come up with a plan.

I asked Cody what he thought was a good idea on how to stay on track. We came to the conclusion that writing a 'to do list' for school mornings on his dry erase board in his room was the ticket. So I requested he go ahead and write a morning list up so he'd know what he had to do the next AM.

Morning lists aren't new to us. They've worked well in the past, but are forgotten when they are originally formatted on his dry erase board, then eventually disappear because his new volcano picture required more room you know...

So here's what Cody came up with...

I gasped when I noted starting time. 4 AM?!? Get dressed at 5? TV at 6?!? I don't think so! Oh, then he's going to wake me up and expect breakfast 10 min later. Now THAT was funny.

Before turning in for the night, I checked his alarm clock. Yep, set for 4. Youch, I just got an earful checking his clock, nevermind changing it! I'll change it after he's asleep. So I laid down with him for 'just a moment.' Then I fell asleep. I woke up later only to make my way to my own bed to crash.

Well guess what. I woke up at 4 to the sound of his alarm. Bah! And before you knew it, the tv was on. No way... I stumble towards the racket and find Cody fully dressed watching cartoons. At 4 AM.

That didn't fly one bit. I commended him on his promptness, but told him it was just too early and come back to bed. TV and lights were shut down and all was dark and quiet again until normal wakeup time.

Cody certainly has ideas of his own. This next one is also humorous. You know that channel on TV where the entire screen captures a crackling fireplace? THAT is what Cody wanted to watch while eating breakfast.

Oh.. and the action scene of course.. "Mom, someone's moving the logs! LOOK!"

Ah.. gotta love my boy.. May your mornings start a tad less exciting than ours do.