Monday, November 24, 2008

On a cool fall morning walk, love is in the air

You can tell that fall is upon us when our walks on the way to school get a little too cool for comfort.

Today was such a day. There was a good sized chilly breeze that hit us face on all the way to school. So Cody and I decided to walk backwards.

That got old pretty quick when you stumble and can't see what you just tripped over. So we faced up to the fact that it was just cold out, so let's get busy and just get there.

I get a kick out of how Cody looks all bundled up. Half his face disappears behind his cushy winter coat zipped up right to the top. And with a toque pulled down, only eyes and nose appear. It's just, well, cute!

He reaches for my hand. "Mom, is my hand warm?" "Ohhh yeah, very nice!" But it's still cold out. So on we go.

We reach the school grounds and slow down. Cody then cuddles against me as a means to snuggle to keep warm, and to also add, "Ohhh Mom, I just LOVE you!"

With the big 'ol smile I wore on my face right after that comment, I forgot about being cold.


Melanie said...

Heartwarming! I love those moments!

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