Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The best rainy day ever

In good 'ol rainy BC Canada, we get a tremendous amount of rainfall. And yesterday was no exception.

A sudden downpour released from the sky. The rainwater rapidly made it's way down the road in true river form. Those kinds of cloudbursts always have me scrambling for the nearest window so I can better enjoy the show.

The sky was heavy overhead as if there was a dark ceiling hugging your surroundings. And then the coolest part happened. A burst of warm sunlight came sneaking in from the sideways window, warming up the darkened outdoor room. THAT is the very part that made me run outside. I LOVE those moments when it's raining and sunny at the very same time!

I had to quickly run back inside again for my camera, for THIS is what happened next, right in my backyard.

The rainbow was massive, and doubled up after this picture was taken. It was simply one of those moments where you felt like calling all your neighbours to get outside and enjoy!

Instead, I quietly stood in the rain with my camera buried under my shirt, enjoying the awesome show all to myself, wearing a huge grin. Nature most certainly does it best!

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