Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A day to remember.. to be quiet!

Today was our official Remembrance Day in Canada.

Cody and I had discussed the minute of silence on Nov 11, at 11 AM previously. But as the day dashed by, we simply forgot. I sadly remembered at about noon.

So later today, we were driving home around dinnertime, and Cody says, "Mom, we weren't quiet for that minute. Was that suppose to be today?"

Gulp... "Yeah it was Code."

"Can we do it now?"

While still driving, I answer, "Sure! Good idea!"

It's quiet. I look at the clock to figure out a minute...

"Now mom?"


I start timing...


"Ok, starting... NOW mom. DON'T say anything!"

(I'm not going to say even an ok as it officially started this time I think...)


"Just tell me when it's a minute, ok?"

(to myself, OK!!!!!)

So in my mind, I'm thinking of what it must have been like to get a dreaded call home that your loved one wasn't returning. On what it was like to fight while missing your family you loved so. And what it must have felt like to bury a dear family member. I didn't live in a time of all this happening, but I have heard some stories from my parents and grandmother about the past. I just took the time to put myself in their place for just a moment.

We rounded the corner and thumped into the driveway.

"Minute's up. So, what did you think about?"

I turned behind me to see Cody had his head bowed and hands folded together on his lap... I was touched.

"I wasn't thinking of anything mom. I'm just tired."




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