Monday, November 17, 2008

Cody reaches a milestone!

Cody wears a caesar haircut, that's a #2 buzz on the back, and longer on top so he can flip it up. When he goes in to get his haircut, he's most particular about just how long the long part is to remain. There has to be enough to work with after all.

In the mornings, he generally runs behind schedule but catches up pretty quick. Hence, what most would call, we're in rush mode. So some things get missed.

One battle is tweaking his hair. I do remind him at times he didn't 'flip' yet but most days my comment goes unheard. Whatever. I tend to allow him to be responsible for his decisions, whether good or bad. Plus, after only one coffee at that given time, my caffeine hasn't kicked in high enough to take on more unnecessary battles anyway.

So we drive to school today as we were running late. We like to walk when we can, but today just didn't work out that way. We drive up to the school and park. I say my usual Monday morning spiel, "Bye honey! Remember the Doghouse today. I love you! Have a good day!" I reach for him in the backseat, kiss his forehead and he normally runs off.

Today he glanced towards the sidewalk as he was about to open the door and quickly grabbed for the hairspray in my console instead. He douses just the front of his hair and holds the entire front up for a moment with the length of his arm. That would be the 'rush method' of the flip.

"Why now?"

No answer. I look towards the sidewalk and there are two girls walking by, glancing our way now and then. Ahhhh....

I inwardly am laughing out loud to myself. My boy is 9 and this matters big time to him!

"You look handsome! I'm sure the girls will appreciate it."

"NO mom! It's NOT the GIRLS! I don't LIKE them! They're EVIL."


Ok. That moment took me back to when in school at his age, we use to take ink pen and write down our arms, "SDSDSDSDBFP." Translation: super duper super duper super duper super duper (more if you had a longer arm) boy flea protection.

My boy has hit the super duper girl flea protection phase! Awwww....

I no doubt will not be saying awwwwww in about 5 years, but for today, at least I know my boy is stylin' and he's growing up just the way he should. Makes a mom right proud!

I'm not going to tell him about my outdated flea protection thing. I'm sure today's kid has other tricks up his sleeve. So I wait and learn and watch him grow up right before my very eyes. A day at a time. I speculate I have much more to learn too... eee... I need another coffee...

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