Saturday, November 1, 2008

Being ultra selective on Halloween

The night before Halloween, we carved up the pumpkins. The entire house is being renovated with only a couple rooms that allowed some elbow room for carving, so into my office we went. Perfect! Never before have we carved on nice clean tables.

And Cody surpassed what I expected with the carving. I was whipping out freehand goofy simplistic faces but he wanted to do a pattern. Good for him! And he did a fabulous job of a skull with flames coming out of the head.

Cody wanted to be an army guy this year again. So he piled on every camouflage item of clothing he could muster up from his closet, complete with a matching backpack I just found at the thrift!

To my surprise, Cody wasn't in a huge rush to get out there. He wanted to stay home for abit to give out some candy. So that we did. We decorated up our front entrance enough to invite kids to come on over so we waited. And waited. And waited. A sprinkling arrived and the costumes were exquisite! I really liked these two ghosts that had sheets covering over the tops of their heads but wore glow sticks around their necks underneath the sheets. It was an eerie new technology kinda cool. Gotta appreciate that kind of uniqueness.

Then we put up our sign (a skeleton instructing kids to Please Take Two!) , a cooler full of candy at the front door and off we went.

We had just begun when our friends 4 yr old Phoebe and her mom Bec drove down our road. I invited them to join us so off we 4 went. Phoebe was an adorable little dragon that took great delight in growling at folks after receiving her candy. Priceless...

The weather held up perfectly! The roadways were wet but no rain fell. It was actually a beautiful night. And we hit a road that didn't have half the lights turned out.

As the night grew on, Cody was getting tired and decided only the houses that were decorated up were worthy of his presence. So here we were 1/2 hour away from our house and he was only wanting to go to half the houses?!? Common sense mom didn't see sense in that so I encouraged him to go for it. So what if they didn't have a welcoming pumpkin grinning back a him? They still had candy! No go. Oh well. Common sense mom speculated we only had to walk 1/2 as far as we did if we hit every house. Ah well. Even though I was exhausted from renos that day, I pushed my sorry body along, silently grunting with every step. This was Cody's night.

Little did I know, the boy was so respectful and visual. He pointed out to me that this house or that house probably didn't want to give out candy because if they didn't decorate, they didn't really like Halloween. So I respected his decision and marvelled how smart this kid is becoming right before my very eyes. So heads up people, if you want things to shut down early in regards to trick or treating, don't carve that goofy grinning pumpkin and those just like Cody will not be by. LOL

Traditionally we head over to the local yokel haunted house after trick or treating. But this year, Cody just wanted to stay home. Fine with me! I had been working on the house all day with hands over my head working on the ceiling and I was beyond just T I R E D. So we dumped his haul and munched away before bedtime.

Ohhhhh my bed sure felt great that night! But the entire event and preparation involved is so worth it and appreciated by Cody. That in itself makes it worthwhile for me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Donna - it's me, Avery, from BBC!

Okay - it seems like Cody had doubled in size sincelast time you posted a pic. on BBC! What a beatiful young man you have!! I'm cracking up at his being so selective about the houses. It's such a cute thing, but at the same time, like you said, it's just amazing to see this little person, become an individual with ideas and thoughts that may differ from his moms. You are doing such a great job with him and I think of you often when making decisions about how to raise my own LO. I love the way you write and appreciate your wisdom very much.