Monday, October 6, 2008

Teddy, the squeek toy

We have a very fluffy chocolate brown cat named Teddy Bear. We also have another cat, fluffy black and white named Beethoven. And both have very different personalities.

Beethoven is the quiet one that rarely meows for anything. Teddy on the other hand, is very vocal. If you look at her the wrong way, she meows. If you touch her, she meows. If you talk to her, she meows. If you pick her up, she actually squeeks. The squeeks are about 1/2 an unoiled meow coming out. They are hilarous and adorable at the same time!

So Cody and I were sitting on his bed tonite while reading. Cody first selected a Thomas the Tank book, which is well under his reading level. What he gravitated towards were the sound effect buttons. While you read the text, there's a little picture of the proper sound effect button to push at that time so your story becomes somewhat alive.

So after he went through his Thomas book, he started to read another. Teddy was laying beside him purring away like a little motorboat, content as ever.

Cody got the bright idea to utilize Teddy to his advantage. Taking cues from the Thomas book, he started to read.

"Franklin then said to his friend...", then he'd simply touch Teddy's back to hear her little squeek.

I didn't catch on right away what he was doing but after a few squeeks, I started giggling...

Then Franklin went outside to (squeek!)
The game stopped. "I don't have my (squeek!)", said Franklin.
Franklin looked around. He saw a (squeek!) on the ground.

I knew I had to step in when the happy little purrr filled squeeks turned into purrless full blown meows with an edge. Ah, kitty language...

Cats shed hair and tend to squeek and meow some on occasion. And we sure enjoy cuddling with them. But for their entertainment value alone, they most certainly have a place to call (squeek!) here!


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