Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saying good-bye to Dr. Seuss

I just read the school newsletter over my leisurely Saturday morning coffee. I love to go through the newsletter word by word and document pertinent dates straight to the calendar. That huge day planner kind of calendar is a big part of my life. (with my failing memory issues and all) I get up in the AM and travel on down to the calendar. I'm obviously not entirely in charge of my day, that calendar is.

Anyway, among the many tidbits, a teacher has found her Dr. Suess books missing and is requesting donations of that very thing if we had some to give. Gulp!

Yes, we do. Eight, to be exact. I just retrieved them to know that.

Four years ago, some previous neighbours were building a new house and throwing out a lot of riff raff on a regular basis. It was fun to bike past there occasionally to see how the progress of their new home (on the same property) was coming along, as well as to see what cool stuff was going to be trashed. (therefore, possibly scooped up by antique kinda gal me!)

One day I saw this old tub in the yard that drew me in. I didn't need such a thing, but it was always fun to look anyway. They had a pickup backed up to it, FILLED with kids books. They were throwing all the loose books into the tub. I immediately asked what the fate of the books were. They were going to the dump!

No no no. I need those! Cody wasn't reading yet but I most certainly was reading to him and we went to the library once a week religiously to get 25 new books. (always 25, so I'd remember how many to search for when due) This option offered me to not have to make that library run! We'd have our own!

I asked if I could have them ALL for Cody. They were most pleased. And I was excited!

I went home to trade my bike for my truck. I was thrilled to see the books hit ALL ages. I knew I'd get an excellent run out of these small treasures. First I'd read them, then as Cody grew, he'd read them to me! Perfect!

I get home and find the perfect place for them. Every night instead of grabbing from a library pile leaning against the wall, Cody would excitedly run to the 'new' bookshelf and choose his book or three for the night.

To this day, we are still reading those books. Cody is now into chapter books so many of the books are too young for him. Yet I hadn't relinquished even one yet.

The reno process in the house is going to take me through Cody's room within two months. I had mulled over getting rid of the books. But was putting it off. They are filled with memories of early attempts of reading by Cody, giggles at silly stories, they are just like little quiet friends of ours, allowing us to transport into their simple worlds for pure enjoyment upon request.

So the hard part. I scooped up eight Dr. Suess books. I just glanced through them and each one evoked a moment back in time that will always put a smile on my face. They are silly books but those are the best kind. For they thoroughly entertained my boy! (and me) I mean how can you NOT smile at:

Three fish in a tree.
Fish in a tree?
How can that be?

And the funky drawings of figures that only exist in these books.

Ahhh, the memories. And Cody is a clutter bug, just like me. I've tried to let go of some previously and asked him what we should do with them since they are too young for him. "KEEP THEM MOM! I LIKE THEM!" That didn't help one bit.

Perhaps I'll stash away just one with a copy of this writeup so Cody will one day know just how hard it was for me to relinquish such a special token of the past...

Ok, so I just went through a couple. I shouldn't have done that. I want them all!

But I do have the good sense to know, the teacher requiring these books will be able to spread that same joy around we recieved from them many times over. They'd get much better use in a school than on our quiet private book shelf.

I'll use that for motivation to bid farewell to Dr. Seuss. But I don't have to pretend to like it!

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