Thursday, October 30, 2008

Morning people ~ a different breed

Allow me to start off by explaining, I am not a morning person.

When I wake up, there are cobwebs everywhere. The room is black and it feels just, well, wrong to get up. But my radio alarm clock tells me otherwise. I listen to the jibber jabber of traffic issues, some bad joke or bright happy song, and allow myself to morph into the land of the living. To wake up to an incessent buzzing would not be a good thing. Easy does it here.

I rise to the fragrance of my morning brew waiting for me. (thank goodness for timers on coffee makers!) With my eyes still shut, I shuffle into the hallway, feeling my way for the furnace switch (yeah, need to look into a timer for that too) and slowly make my way down the hallway and downstairs to open the doors where the cats hibernate for night. I then make that massive effort with sleepy legs getting upstairs and plunk myself in front of my laptop.

I pour myself a coffee and plunk myself down. Slowly, the brew does it's magic and the morning fog begins to lift.

It's only then, in about 30 minutes or so, I am ready for Cody.

Cody is not just a 9 yr old boy. He's a ray of sunlight. A puff of fresh air. Swirling good energy and lighting bolts radiate around him in the AM. I don't get it, but I like it. When I'm ready.

We have to leave the house by 8:05 AM. If I wake him up at 7:50, we'll STILL be on time, but I do aim for 7:30. The boy only requires 5 minutes to wake up. Amazing. He's ready for breakfast as soon as his eyes flick open.

Now at times he wakes up on his own early when I'm not ready. I've made breakfast and packed him last minute lunches many a times while in my sleepy stupor so it's not like I can't do it. I do it and often. But a good morning for me would be, I wake up on time (7:00 AM) and have time for the caffeine to kick in. Then lo and behold, I become that angel from happy land, and float into his room in annoying wake up song.

Today was such a day. The song on the radio that woke me up wouldn't leave my head. So I loafed into Cody's room to give him a dose of what he normally does to me. "TAKE ME AWAAAY.... TAKE ME AWAYYY..." I sing away and jump into his bed. Jenna the dog goes a little crazy when I sing (I'm not exactly sure why..) so an extra 100 lbs pounce on Cody's too small bed at this point.

I'm met with a few protests, but the show must go on. I start up breakfast and happily challenge him to see who's first, breakfast or him fully dressed. BOOM. Up he goes.

This is the part that simply amazes me. Cody is HAPPY in that morning fog. His eyes are still shut but his smile is plastered from ear to ear as he hops skips and jumps into the kitchen fully dressed. I'm greeted with, "I'M SOOO HUNGRY!" He's such an easy AM sell this boy.

I'm so grateful he isn't like me in that way. Now, before you think I have this angelic boy 24/7, there are some mornings where he isn't quite ready to be up in 5 min. That generally indicates to me to simply make his bedtime abit earlier, which I do. It's just about like an adjustment switch on him. You just have to know how far to turn the dial.

I love my happy happy boy in the AM! Natural caffeine I call it. I'm just very grateful that the unnatural caffeine is available for others just like me.

Cheers! (*gulp*)


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