Saturday, October 25, 2008

I had a social life for a week!

In my world, a website exsists where I post and chat with alot of sign kinda folk from all over the world. I've been a part of this wonderful group for many years. Over that time, I've met many of 'those pretend internet people' and have come to know quite a few very well.

On Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, I was presented with another such great opportunity right in my own little town in the middle of nowhere. My artist friend Dan held a router workshop and many of our friends we have in common were on their way!

Put together the tiny community of Yarrow, plus being on your own and throw in working alone for a little twist. Sometimes that can spell the recipe for Hermatitis, aka ~ a somewhat lonely exsistence. With the exciting prospect that foreigners were coming to little 'ol Yarrow, your world tilts just a tad for the excitement you KNOW will follow.
And I wasn't disappointed. Many of my friends arrived early. So there was an opportunity to show Henry from Sweden Hell's Gate. And at Harrison, the sand castle competition had just been held so he had plenty of sandy kind of eye candy to take pictures of.

This picture displays some of Dan's work. That was one of the main focal points for the trip down there. Fantastic stuff!

"Smile!" with the dude that works at Hell's Gate. He didn't want me in the picture alone. Uh, ok, sure!

I frequent Harrison alot over the year for our campsite is situated there. But I've wanted to go see Hell's Gate for many years. How many of you can honestly say you travel to your local yokel touristy places in your own backyard? I don't do nearly enough of it. I'm so glad I went!

The rest of the week and weekend was spent hanging out with my buddies at Dan's shop. I was at the workshop as Dan's assisted background help, but plenty of jokes and fun started to come down early and ran late into the night. These folks that travelled from afar are serious signmakers but when you get a group of folks that have alot in common and have time to laugh, well, you naturally fit that in!

The time spent together was constant, intense, a learning experience as well as just plain social safe kinda family type FUN! I have the best friends.
The above pics are only a small smattering of the craziness that went on. The Henry (left) and Rene (right) Show at Whitespot will be imprinted on my mind forever. Henry has this proper english accent and Rene is this boisterous hilarous french dude. Rene would pull a "Ohhh Reeee Laaay..." and Henry would attempt a French twist. My only regret in life is not filming these two!

The group shot is only a portion of the meet folks. Dan took Henry to the airport and these guys had great fun defacing Dan's equipment.

Raymond from Texas is the guy in the train. We had great fun with Raymond instilling upon the rest of the world how small we could make him appear on camera. He's one of my best friends (and soooo easily influenced to pose for hilarious shots!)
As you can see, loads of memories are attached to each and every picture.

There's a syndrome that commonly hits when you've had this intense amazingly wonderful time for a week or so straight. We sign folk call it the Letterhead Blues. It's much like when you leave a wonderful party of your dreams and go home to the quiet of four walls surrounding you. It's a let down of sorts.

I indeed travelled through it, but had gone through it before, knowing how to tag my emotions well. You cry one minute and you're laughing in hysterics to yourself the next. NO rhyme or reason. For that week Cody kept saying to me, "Mom, are you laughing at the french guy again?" LOL!!

Luckily, during the blues week, I had plenty to do to keep my occupied. My work was crazy busy and so are the renos on the house. One truck I lettered I don't even remember doing it. I was going through the motions and at one point yelled out, "Where's Dan?" to the guys in the bay. Uh ... Dan doesn't work there, Glenn does. While I was putting stripes on the truck, I was back in the shop laughing with my friends, or painting artsy panels and getting dirty. Most fun I've had striping a truck in a long time. LOL

The memories will last a lifetime of that incredible time when all those folks came from Quebec, Sweden, Germany, Texas, New York and many other places, to our cute little remote town of Yarrow.

Life has now again, slipped back into normal mode. It's back to work fullforce, as well as meeting the deadlines put upon the house reno project. It feels good to be back in full swing again!
My mind creeps back once in awhile to my big adventurous week in Yarrow. And my memories will always bless me with new smiles. And it was a major heads up to quit being such a hermit! It's fun to laugh and have fun too!

Today is about getting to the campsite to winterize my trailer. So off I shall go and no doubt enjoy a few laughs with my fellow campers.

Life is good with people in it! Don't forget the people, people! Get social on occaison and have some fun!

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