Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween candy be gone!

In my mouth, that is.

It's been a very long time since we've stocked any kind of chocolate in the house. During summer, I have the odd Dairy Milk for making s'mores, but generally, it's just not really a great idea.

For Cody and I are both addicted to chocolate in a baaaad way. If it's there, it's inhaled.

So naturally, with Halloween fast approaching, gee... I had to get some. Costco gave you a choice of three different bulk boxes of mini chocolate bars. Not wishing to worry about missing out on any of them, I just bought all three. There! I can sneak a Snickers AND Aero bar here and there.(did I say that out loud?)

I'm really finding that having all this chocolate in the house again to not be the best idea. No matter where I stash the boxes, you'll find Cody hovering around them. (and yes, of course they are open... they were ripped open on the way out of Costco before I even got to my truck, pathetic, YES) Cody is busy trying to justify why it's OK to have some for breakfast, right before bed, bring wad fulls to school 'for all his friends you know', you get the idea. Today when I picked him up from school, he got in the back seat and stated, "WHERE DID ALL THE WRAPPERS COME FROM? Hmmm, strange..." Guess I'd better check those early AM pockets a little closer tomorrow. I caught him on the road tonite with the whole box giving some away to Zach while playing basketball. Oy...

And then there's myself. Where is one box? Right beside the laptop I'm typing on. I'll count the empty wrappers... huh.. only three. I thought there'd be more. In fact, I KNOW I ate more than three. At least six. Maybe the dog is getting high on chocolate fumes from the wrappers, who knows. When there's something cool in the house to eat, generally all the animals hover around us salivating.

Worst part? I don't even like some of this stuff I'm scarfing down.

Well, I plan to give it away anyway. Good riddance! I'll be dumping all three boxes in a massive bowl with a sign politely explaining to take 2, while I take Cody around the neighbourhood.

And in exchange, we'll haul in an even better variety than what we started out with. Great. For our sake, I hope we detest what's coming our way. But I seriously doubt it...

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