Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall campsite splendor

Over the weekend, I dashed off to the campsite to winterize the trailer. My friend Bob was bringing up his air compressor to blow out the lines in his trailer and I requested a 2 for 1 so I knew how to do it myself next year.

As I was driving up, I was just astounded at all the gorgeous leaves everywhere in sight! Pulling into the campsite this time of year is quite a surreal experience.

For one thing, not many folks are milling around. And those that are, wear warm coats and generally are carrying antifreeze around.

But the biggest change of all was the foliage! Oh wow. Not a green blade of grass in sight. The entire grounds were covered with a glorious blanket of thick thick leaves! Every square inch!

The campsite houses many large maple trees. So it was finally time for them to shine, autumn style. Apparently Bob had cleaned up my leaves the day before I came so I didn't track them into the trailer. (awwww...) But the day I came, they were all back to pay me a visit again! Cool... I was so ticked I didn't bring a camera!

Generally in our part of the country, there are only so many exquisite leaf days. Those that live in wet and rainy BC know what I speak of. The day the leaves fall, it's generally on a nice warmish gusty sunny day and they all fall at once. The leaves are actually dry as they fall and are too fresh to crunch. It's the NEXT day, if still dry, that they start to sound like leaves under foot with a mild crunch. That, in my opinion, is the perfect leaf day when you are able to pile them high and romp through them.

That was the day I came up. I was in leaf heaven as I raked up piles and piles. Just for fun. The campsite owner blows them all when it's due time, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to just enjoy the sunny cool day with all that colour around me.

Then Bob wandered over and showed me the ropes on air compressors and travel trailers. Another learning notch for me!

I had planned to take Bob out for lunch or dinner at the log cabin pub to give thanks for helping me out, but he left early, so I treated myself to a nice dinner. They just have the best food there. I ordered up their chicken enchalada and it proved to be the most awesome choice.

After dinner, I joined Bob and Chris at their campsite. They had Bill over that played guitar later in the evening. Sitting by a fire listening to the soft strums of guitar strings under the stars... that right there is the magic of camping among friends.

The next day it was time to get back to work. I packed up a bunch of things into the back of my truck that normally stayed outside. I winded closed windows, locking everything up, wiping many surfaces down. I enjoyed one last coffee with Jenna as my company as I sat at my picnic table overlooking my waterfront property (minus the water). And then it was time to leave.

I may be back throughout winter to check on things and spend an odd night here or there. But it was pretty much a 2008 farewell. And what a way to exit, in that exquisite colourful wonderland!

I crunched out of the driveway and took one last look back. The place looked so deserted with many trailers missing in action and few folks stopping here and there to chat.

But the beautiful fall scene made me smile, for spring is just around the corner...


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