Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last weekend at Harrison

As you may have noted, the current pictures on the slideshow are all from one special place.

Click on the slideshow 'center area' to open the picture website for larger viewing options. You just really have to see the pictures bigger to appreciate the extreme beauty Harrison Hot Springs offers.

I went camping on the weekend solo. I was sort of in the mood to socialize rather than wind down that weekend, so I joined in a few more activities with my neighbours at the campground.

I'm just really glad I did. I read this article in a magazine how this one gal tested herself to say yes to a few more new opportunities and she found it really enhanced her life. So inspired by her wisdom, I followed suit.

There's some real truth to that theory! I had a wonderful time! After several walks with the ladies and our dogs in tow, Chris organized a hike up the mountain that lead to it's own private beach. My kinda hike!

It was so beautiful. I had an inkling it would be so I brought my camera in my backpack. It was hard to put the camera down. Everywhere you looked was something breathtaking. I've never hiked looking pretty much just through a camera lens before. Watch your step... ohhhh yeah. I stopped constantly. Jenna came scampering back a few times to see if I met up with a real live teddy bear or not. All was well. It's just that there's art in so many everyday things you take for granted!

The dogs were armed with bear bells so it brought a little Christmas spirit into our adventure to boot... I like the bell idea! As a bonus you always knew where your dog was hiding out.

As we finally reached the hidden beach destination, I was quoted as saying, "Oh look, we walked all the way to Hawaii!!" One moment you're in this lovely wooded forest with only filtered sunlight, to the bright whiteness of all that sand! Ohhhhh, the sand was soooo deep! Walking out of the forest resembled walking right into Survivor, ready for 'today's challenge.'

The dogs had an absolute beach party. Any dog owner knows well how much a dog enjoy's their walk. You get a group of them together and you'd better watch your back! They bolt by in play FAST!
All too soon it was time to head back again. But the fun didn't end there. Chris and Bob invited me on their boat for a nice leisurely afternoon in the sun and water. I packed a quick lunch and off we went. I even brought my camera again. Too bad I left it in Bob's truck...

Life on a boat is quite a different beach experience. You can pick and choose whichever beach you prefer that given day, spec out the crowds, look for a nice shallow bay so the water's warm, you have the pick of the lake! We pulled into what I called Mexico. Sandy beach with some rocks and loads of driftwood, perfect for shopping later.

It's just not a bad life on a boat! You can sit anywhere on these gizmos in comfort! Go for a quick swim then hop back on board and lay in the sun. Partake in the goodies you brought and enjoy the quiet swishing of the waves around you. I forgot about lawn chairs that day.

We rode about an hour away from Harrison beach, so there was plenty to see along the way. Wonderfully secluded cabins dotted the shores everywhere you looked. With fun 60's tunes cranked way loud to beat the roar of the high speed, you couldn't help but sing along!

By the time we got back to the campsite, it was time to pack up and head home. Sigh...

I have some wonderful memories of this past weekend. Thanks to my wonderful campground neighbours for an outstanding weekend!

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